CFR Youth Athletic Club
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We are a grassroots movement in the Redding area working in partnership with the Catalyst Youth Mentoring Program (here) to raise up the next generation of leaders in our schools by teaching them the skills they need to succeed in life...both mentally and physically.



CrossFit Redding and Claudia Waite have teamed up to make a difference in our community. How you ask? CrossFit Redding was established in 2007 and both CrossFit Redding and the CrossFit community has grown dramatically in the past years here in Redding. Surrounded by pristine lakes and rivers, and beautiful mountains and woodlands, Redding is the gateway to the outdoors. Yet, unfortunately our community does not match our settings. Recently Redding was ranked in the bottom three of the worst cities to live in for the United States. It was also ranked as one of the unhealthiest cities as well. As CrossFitters and community members this was unacceptable, and we realized a change needs to be made. Thus CrossFit Redding Youth Athletic Club (YAC) was born. Hoping to harness the epic community that is CrossFit, YAC aims to provide opportunities for the youth of our city to experience the life changing abilities of CrossFit. It is our desire to work with children of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses particularly disadvantaged and at risk youth to help foster a love of fitness, nutrition, and rebuild community in our city. We not only want to see CrossFit help change the lives of the youth we work with, but see it transform our city through the up and coming generations.