We are looking for coach mentors, coordinators, digital marketers, and fundraisers right now who can join the team at  the grassroots level and build this movement.

Coach mentors must:

  • Have at least two hours a week of availability during the day for a minimum of one school year
  • Have at least three hours per month of availability on a weekend for training
  • Be able to pass a California background check for working with minors
  • Have an amazing attitude around the kids
  • Be able to physically perform all prescribed workouts
  • Be willing to help generate new ideas for games and workouts with coordinators

Coordinators must:

  • Be able to maintain great working relationships with Shasta County area school district administrators and after-school program coordinators
  • Be able to manage coach mentors and schedules well
  • Be organized and highly adaptable as weather impacts our ability to work at certain sites
  • Meet with senior leadership team on a regular basis to discuss progress/issues as they arise
  • Have a working knowledge of CrossFit workout movements, and character traits to help build education programs for coach mentors

Digital Marketers must:

  • Be able to maintain the CrossFit Redding Youth Athletic Club's various social media accounts
  • Be able to maintain the CFRYAC website
  • Have availability to photograph and videotape training and coaching sessions as well as special events
  • Be able to edit (preferably with Adobe Creative Suite) all images and video
  • Be able to create flyers, presentations, and other promotional materials for the organization
  • Possess strong understanding of modern design principles and strong branding practices

Fundraisers must:

  • Have a working knowledge of fundraising principles
  • Have availability to setup and manage capital campaigns
  • Meet regularly with the Treasurer to discuss current operating budget needs and goals on a quarterly basis
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We are looking for partners in the movement to ignite hope, promote wellness, and shape a generation who will become tomorrow's leaders. For that, we need your help to strengthen our children's minds and their bodies. Choose today to invest your time or your resources to see them thrive in all aspects of life.



We are looking for monthly partners to help us reach our goal of 1000 monthly partners of at least $5 a month by the end of the NGO fiscal year (06/30/2018).

You can invest a monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time amount using the link below: