our people are, in two words, the best.


Not only do we get to work with some of the best people in the world, but some of the best work for us. Below we have information on our board, but there are so many countless people who have joined the CFRYAC ranks along the years. We wish we could thank them all individually, but we'd never get back to transforming our community! We are deeply grateful for the contributions of every member of our organization.


Bryan Schenone

Chairman of the Board

Bryan envisioned a “Box” the moment he was first dosed with a CrossFit WOD. The appeal of hard work in a short amount time that directly impacted his fitness was exactly what he had been searching for. Mountain Biking, CycloCross, Rock Climbing, Trail Running and Backcountry enthusiasm required programming that most fitness programs couldn’t deliver. Training to run distance in altitude or ride a bike offered the Long Slow Distance domain, but left him vulnerable to strength domains. Carrying large loads for distance quickly became a “Chink” in his armor. That was until CrossFit. The love of Mountain Triathlons required hours and hours of riding and running, the method was scrapped and quickly turned to training the “Benchmark Girls” and Clean’s. CrossFit is hard work it takes you past that comfort level that most of the American public has been grown accustom to. CrossFit forges those you are willing enough to make the decision that they will no longer take the easy road.


Jeni Montemayor

Treasurer & Secretary



Claudia Waite

Director of Operations

Claudia Waite was a former teacher and stay at home mom who had found CrossFit in 2013.  She was out of shape, unhealthy, and unhappy.  But through CrossFit, she was able to shed the weight and find the courage and determination in herself to push through the hard and challenging times and work toward a better future.  She decided that if she could do it, then anyone could improve through CrossFit. 

Claudia envisioned working with youth of Redding, coaching them in CrossFit and seeing them improve both in health and fitness, but also developing their character strength.  As she began working in Juvenile Hall and in the afterschool programs with kids, she quickly realized that while CrossFit helps develop our character, she would need to explicitly teach and embody it into every workout, for our young athletes to both understand and experience aspects of their character, such as grit, optimism, goal setting, perseverance, gratitude, self control, purpose, and growth mindset. 

And thus the program developed and continues to improve with every class we teach and every child we coach. 

Abby Rae

Director of Training